I’ll be honest. I have a list of people that I rotate through weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly that I reach out to. (It’s basic networking folks. Get the book). Everyone falls into two categories. They are either on the next big thing or spinning their tires in the mud wondering why their lives are stalled. Read this quote and thought about someone I just finished talking to on the phone this morning. You only die once so stop doing the same thing over and over again. You’re life stays the same and it’s boring.

Was in the mood to record a live mix w/ songs I’m feeling for you to BBQ all weekend long… Happy 4th of July! Enjoy!

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Yay for National Ice Cream Month!

Yay for National Ice Cream Month!

The NYC half marathon was an incredible experience. With over 20,000 runners this was the biggest half marathon field I’ve ran in.
By no means am I a world class runner. To be honest, I am actually quite slow. I’m proud to say I was able to finish the race in 2:26:47. I didn’t realized I PR’d until that evening by two minutes.
I was picked by lottery on the second go around. That being said, it did not leave me a lot of time to train. I only had 8 weeks and I knew I would be pushing it as I was still recovering from a hip flexor injury.
Leave it to the experts and experience.

I have been running for about 10 years. Most of my training came from trial and error, finding a plan that worked, injuries, etc. I finally found a 3 day a week plan that worked about 4 years ago. Love it.
Second, I never did weight training. I hated going to the smelly gym and touching all the equipment from nasty people. Yes, I’m a bit OCD but had to get over it. Last year I started to work with a personal trainer. Since I was dealing with other injuries I started working with him to get in overall better conditioning. Leveraging his knowledge and experience is key. He came up with a training plan that I modified based on my running schedule.
Now that I had the plan it was time to execute. The toughest part was staying disciplined to the plan. I had every excuse to miss a running day or go the gym to lift weights. Also, sacrificing my social life was in order. This was the toughest part of training. I am by no means a popular person but I do enjoy time with friends at the local watering hole. So staying in on a Friday night knowing I would be going to the gym early in the morning and sleeping early on a Saturday night to so I would be rested for a Sunday long run. It was tough to ignore text messages and see friends posting their debauchery on social media. I got used to it.
Race day.
As the weeks quickly melted away, the morning finally came. “Trust my training.” I kept telling myself. Despite the below freezing weather I ran my run. It was the most amazing experience knowing I did the best that I could to train. Eating healthy, drinking less alcohol, sleeping more, and staying on track. So hooray for me. The circumstances in life for why we can’t do something are just that, circumstances. Life doesn’t make it easy, so either you take control or it will control you. I saw others in my social media circle who also met their goals this weekend. I also see more who have an excuse why they haven’t.

As I fly back home to the west coast writing this I’m preparing for my next race in my head. I’m excited.

blood is always thicker than water
never bite the hand that feeds you
your time is the most valuable resource
always repay your debts
your actions will always be remembered.